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We have 114 reviews submitted for an average rating of 4.96 out of 5.

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Whether we are making a wedding band to symbolize your love and connection with someone or making a fashion ring to wear as a statement, we enjoy giving our customers the freedom of expression they deserve. Offering customization for your tungsten wedding band, cobalt wedding ring, ceramic fashion ring, or gold ring is important to us. The ability to choose various diamond quantities, metals, widths, gold karat and color, allows our customers to evaluate variations of the same style in real-time.

Take a moment to read first-hand reviews from our clients to see our service level and gain confidence with your purchase.

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Men's Eternity Black Diamond Wedding Ring
By: Michael Espinoza from Pomona, California, USA
Order Date: November 2019
Ring Purchased: MKQ710CF-45B

Excellent quality ring and craftsmanship. My fiancé was so impressed with the ring. Will definitely order from Madani again. You can’t find these unique rings at a mall. Customer service was top notch and assisted greatly with all my questions and concerns.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Brush Center Polished Edges Diamond Wedding Band
By: April M. Scriven from Poulsbo, Washington, USA
Order Date: November 2019
Ring Purchased: MUE610WW-15P

My fiancée loved the ring, it was exactly what we had been searching for. The online experience made the ordering process a breeze and emailing back and forth answered all of my questions without delay. Thank you to Kaity for all of her expertise about ring sizing and helping me to get the proper size with the sizer rings, that made a world of difference.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Laser Textured Grooved Wedding Ring
By: Mitchell Choi from Springfield, Missouri, USA
Order Date: November 2019
Ring Purchased: MQB910UW

The customer service was amazing! Had a ring that didn’t fit properly, and they sent out another one. They were understanding, and had very good communication during the entire process. Great product!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Multi-Faceted Wedding Band
By: Sarah Mann from Richmond
Order Date: November 2019
Ring Purchased: MJL910TM

First off: what a beautiful ring! Stylish and contemporary jewellery made with modern materials just isn’t a ‘thing’ in Europe, so went my husband’s tungsten wedding band broke after a decade I struggled to find a place that could fix or replace it. My searching led me to Madani - and what an absolute pleasure! The customer service was top notch; attentive, positive and helpful the whole way through! Especially as I had to navigate the UK vs US sizing puzzle! Their complementary sizing kit was a godsend - what a brilliant idea! I ordered the ring as an anniversary surprise and because of Madani’s professionalism it fit perfectly! It was seamless ordering, shipping timely and safely to London, UK. (Jewellers here could take a lesson from Madani, imo!) The ring is beautiful; a wonderful combination of masculine, chic and modern. Thank you all so much for making this process a joy!

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Black Puzzle Pattern Black Diamond Wedding Band
By: Maon Maurice from Port OF Spain
Order Date: November 2019
Ring Purchased: MLY914BF-14B

From inception the customer service was impeccable, the product is a masterpiece. Totally satisfied with the entire process.

Overall Satisfaction:

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