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We have 63 reviews submitted for an average rating of 4.95 out of 5.

What our customers are telling us...

Whether we are making a wedding band to symbolize your love and connection with someone or making a fashion ring to wear as a statement, we enjoy giving our customers the freedom of expression they deserve. Offering customization for your tungsten wedding band, cobalt wedding ring, ceramic fashion ring, or gold ring is important to us. The ability to choose various diamond quantities, metals, widths, gold karat and color, allows our customers to evaluate variations of the same style in real-time.

Take a moment to read first-hand reviews from our clients to see our service level and gain confidence with your purchase.

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Men's Hand Brushed Wedding Band
By: Alexandra C. from Newberry, Florida, USA
Order Date: February 2019
Ring Purchased: MKE910BY

MADANI is the best! Craig assisted me throughout the entire process, answering any and all questions in a quick and timely manner. The ring was better than anticipated and I couldn’t be any happier with the entire experience.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Eternity Diamond Wedding Band
By: Stacie W. from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Order Date: February 2019
Ring Purchased: MJF910CW-45R

Absolutely love the ring. It is stunning. Masculine yet elegant and sophisticated. Incredibly pleased. The ring quality seems to be excellent.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Black Gold & Eternity Diamond Wedding Band
By: Jean Z. from Parma, Michigan, USA
Order Date: February 2019
Ring Purchased: MXA910CF-21R

Customization and customer service was exquisite much like my husbands ring. Getting it on time with time to spare was perfect. Appreciated the immediate communication.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Polished Dome Carbon Fiber Cobalt Wedding Ring
By: Azeem A. from Rosedale, Maryland, USA
Order Date: February 2019
Ring Purchased: MHN710BR

Great customer service, and quality product. Ring fits amazingly and feel seamless on the finger. Already referred to all my friends.

Overall Satisfaction:

Men's Black Gold & Eternity Diamond Wedding Band
By: Krysta M. from Millcreek, Utah, USA
Order Date: January 2019
Ring Purchased: MXA710CF-21R

Extremely satisfied with the ring and the customer service! After purchasing the ring Craig emailed me and made sure everything was correct and sent me photos of the different ring widths to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. It’s not like a lot of companies where you have to call a customer service line or wait days to hear back if you need to speak with someone. If I sent an email I would get a response within 10 minutes. And even after receiving our order, he sent a follow up email to make sure everything was satisfactory. The ring itself is stunning, and tremendous quality. Overall I’m incredibly impressed with the company and will be referring anyone I can, and will gladly purchase from Madani again.

Overall Satisfaction:

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